Scene 4Mature

ALICE sits on the couch in the main room, JACKLYN sitting next to her. She looks around before pulling a coin out of her pocket, flipping it distractedly. BETH notices and comes over, clipboard in hand.

BETH: Where did you get that, Jacklyn?

JACKLYN: Pocket.

BETH: You know that's against the rules. She holds out her hand. Empty them.

JACKLYN, purposely picking a fight, smiling as she does so: Why?

BETH: We don't want anyone hurting themselves with anything they could hide in there. Pause. Come on, hand it over.

JACKLYN reaches into her pockets and empties the contents one by one, putting them into BETH's extended hand (looking mischievously over to Alice every once in a while). The last item is the pen, which she doesn't give to BETH, but starts to fidget with (twirling it).

BETH, after a few seconds of confusion: Jacklyn.

JACKLYN, looking up at Beth mockingly: Oh, I wanted to keep this for later. You know...just in case I wanted to hurt myself.

BETH: That's not funny, Jacklyn. Give me the pen.

JACKLYN, mockingly: No.

BETH reaches out to grab the pen, but JACKLYN (still twirling it) puts it just beyond her reach, laughing. This continues for a few seconds before BETH stops reaching for it and stands completely still.

BETH, menacingly: Jacklyn. Give me the pen.

JACKLYN chuckles and tosses the pen across the room purposely.

JACKLYN: Go get it.

BETH: You threw it, you should get it.

JACKLYN: I would, but I don't want to hurt myself.

BETH walks calmly across the room, retrieving the pen, and walking back to where JACKLYN is sitting. She takes her by the arm into the other room, where she turns to her, now angry. ALICE gets up and follows the two curiously, hiding while listening.

BETH: This needs to stop.

JACKLYN, mockingly: What needs to stop?

BETH: You know that this is wrong. And it's not going to get you out of here in the slightest.

JACKLYN: You really think I'm not getting out of here.

BETH: No, you're not. You've been here for six years, you're never going to leave.

BETH, frustrated, storms out. JACKLYN seems unaffected by the fight, but stands where BETH left her, her expression blank.

The End

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