Scene 3Mature

BETH sits in her office, scribbling notes on a piece of paper in a manila folder. Another nurse (NURSE #2) walks in, a look of slight distress on her face.

NURSE #2: That new girl--what's her disorder?

BETH, not looking up from her notes: She's a schizophrenic. You also might want to watch which drugs you give her. Beth looks up. Former drug addict. Pause. Why do you ask?

NURSE #2: She's been talking to herself for the past hour.

BETH sighs, a look of apprehension on her face.

BETH, heading out the door: I'm going to go see for myself. I'll be back.

Beth starts calmly down the hallway. Everything is silent for a few seconds, but JACKLYN comes out of her room and notices her walking. She goes to BETH, a slight smile on her face.

JACKLYN, lightheartedly: Hey, Pooface.

BETH: Jacklyn. With quite obviously fake friendliness: How are you doing?

JACKLYN, putting an arm around Beth: Just dandy! also said with fake friendliness. Pause. So what'cha doing?

BETH: None of your business, Jacklyn.

JACKLYN: Hey, man, we're friends, you can tell me.

BETH, as though she's disciplining a small child: No, Jacklyn.

JACKLYN takes her arm off Beth's shoulders, standing still in the middle of the hallway as BETH continues. She has a peeved look on her face as she stares at her coldly.

BETH reaches ALICE's room, where she sits on her bed in fetal position, desperately covering her face and muttering to herself.

BETH, firmly: Alice, get up.

ALICE jumps, then looks up, blinking confusedly a few times.

ALICE, pausing, then sounding offended: What?

BETH, ignoring her confusion (and question): Come on. Get up.

ALICE gets off the bed in a daze, not saying anything more.

BETH: Come with me.

ALICE and BETH go back into the hallway and into the bathroom, where BETH gestures to the sink.

BETH: Clean yourself up.

ALICE goes to the sink wordlessly, turning it on and splashing water on her face.

BETH: You can't act like this, Alice. You're throwing your life away; you need to get out. There's no way you can survive in this asylum.

ALICE stands up, her face still wet. She looks around, surprised by Beth's lecture.

BETH: This treatment is up to you. It's your choice to heal, to get better. Not ours. It's our job to take care of you, not to treat you, not to stop the hallucinations. It's your choice. If you don't stop, if you don't get better, you'll be here for the rest of your life. Pause. Like Jacklyn.

ALICE turns around, starting to speak, but quickly closing her mouth. BETH smiles.

BETH: Think about it.

Without saying goodbye, BETH leaves the room. ALICE is now alone, staring into the mirror for a second before leaving as well.

The End

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