Scene 2Mature

JACKLYN, tauntingly: Knock, knock.

ALICE, timidly: Come in?

JACKLYN chuckles, then: You new here?

ALICE: Yeah. She pauses, then quickly extends her hand. I'm Alice.

JACKLYN takes one look at her hand, then continues into the room without shaking it.

JACKLYN: Jacklyn. Pause. So you get your own room? She turns to look at Alice. Fancy.

ALICE: Just until another girl gets here. There aren't any for me to room with.

JACKLYN: Ah. She looks through Alice's suitcase briefly. So what's your first impression of Janus?

ALICE, smiling a bit, making a small joke: I'm hoping it'll get better.

JACKLYN, with a knowing look on her face: Good luck with that.

ALICE shakes her head, opening her mouth to respond, but quickly closing it. She turns back to her suitcase, unpacking further.

JACKLYN: So what'd they put you away for, Al?

ALICE, surprised by Jacklyn's sudden outburst: What?

JACKLYN, slower this time (but almost demanding): What did they put you away for? Your mental disorder?

ALICE: I--I'm...

JACKLYN: Never mind. She turns to leave, and when Alice doesn't come, she turns and calls her like a dog. Come on, come on!

They start down the hall, passing Ciara (and another girl walking with her) as they go. JACKLYN smiles as they approach.

JACKLYN: Hey, Ciara.

CIARA, apprehensively: Hi, Jacklyn.

JACKLYN: Where are you going?

CIARA: To my room.

JACKLYN, sarcastically: Oh, really?

CIARA: Yeah.

JACKLYN: I don't know. She smirks. You never know who to trust these days, huh?

CIARA: Right.

Camera pans (ALICE's point of view) to show another person, unmentioned by CIARA or JACKLYN.

JACKLYN: Good. She seems to become bored with the conversation and walks away, whispering to Alice as she goes: Pathological liar. Fun to mess with.

ALICE: Who was the other girl?

JACKLYN, continuing to walk: What other girl?

ALICE, looking confused and slightly stunned, looks over her shoulder to see that the other girl she saw isn't there anymore: Oh...nothing.

They continue down the hallway as ALICE stares at the insane patients again. JACKLYN makes taunting eye contact with all of the patients, giving some of them a slight nod. They finally reach the main room, where various patients sit.

JACKLYN: Hey, why don't you go introduce yourself? Alice shyly shakes her head. Aw, come on. Go ahead.

ALICE sighs, heading towards the other patients, leaving JACKLYN alone. She watches ALICE as she goes up to a patient leaning against a wall, staring into space.

ALICE: Hi, I'm Alice. The new girl.

PATIENT: Really? Nice to meet you.

They shake hands, and a different camera angle reveals that Alice was shaking hands with no one. The woman was a hallucination.

JACKLYN, watching from a distance, chuckling to herself: I like her.

The End

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