Credo Quia AbsurdumMature

ALICE and BETH stand in front of the asylum, staring at the building, both saying nothing.

BETH, finally: Welcome to Janus Hospital. She gives Alice a look, as though she's judging her, then starts walking. Come with me.


ALICE and BETH start to walk inside. As they reach the door, ALICE pauses to read a sign near the door that reads, "Janus Hospital for the Mentally Ill." Then she follows BETH inside to the foyer, where many loud, completely insane patients are standing or running around. ALICE looks around, frightened by this atmosphere, moving closer to BETH. As the two walk by, JACKLYN is seen sitting casually, apparently very used to this type of place (or just unaffected by it).


BETH, stopping to talk to Alice: You'll be in the women's ward for the duration of your stay here. All the others have already been paired up, so you'll have your own room for now.


BETH starts to walk down the hall again, but ALICE doesn't notice, continuing to stare at the other patients, frightened.


BETH: Come on, Alice. Pause. You'll get used to it. She starts walking, then gestures to a room on her right. This is the room where you'll pick up your pills at 6:00PM sharp daily. Straight across the hall is the recreational room, where you can go to play an instrument, play with arts and crafts, or...whatever you do for fun, I suppose. She walks further down the hall, going down a staircase, talking as she goes. Down here is the main room, where everyone usually gathers, and the majority of the bedrooms. 


The two enter a plain room with two beds with a nightstand between them. Alice looks around, surveying the room. 


BETH: And...this is where you'll be staying.


BETH: Again, welcome to Janus Hospital. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Pause. I'll be in the main room if you need me.


ALICE, quietly: Thank you. 


BETH gives ALICE a quick nod, then leaves as quick as she came.


ALICE sets her suitcase down on the bed and starts to unpack, but a knock is heard behind her. ALICE jumps a bit, then turns to find JACKLYN smirking at her.


The End

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