Creations that matter

There are specific moments in my life when I feel most alive, when every morsel of my being breathes and refreshes itself to something new and better.

There is no definite day or time that I can mark in my calendar when I would feel this way. It just happens. Probably when I am most inspired, or feel like I’m in the middle of a tragedy and sometimes too ecstatic to even contain myself.

In these special moments I try to pull out that specific feeling, like a magician pulling a scarf out of his sleeve, and create something that will last. Because these feelings come and go, but what we create out of it stays, and that creation becomes our art and that art matters. Because one day when someone else looks at our paintings or poems or photographs, they will feel inspired, maybe happy or even hurt. But they will feel something and soon after pull out those emotions like we did and share it with the world.

That is the kind of contribution, I would love to make in this world. Something small, but something inspiring; something that would drive you to do, be, create!

Every one of us have it in us, we all have feelings right? We are all artists; all we need to do it start our own creations.

The End

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