leap of faithMature

leap of faith

i feel unworthy.
most of the time.
all the time.
i feel like people don't really want to be around me.
i feel like i'm just an inconvenience to people.
but this past week, i have decided to take a leap of faith.
(if you'll pardon the cliche, of course...)
i want to to better. i want to be free from these chains.
so i'm trusting in God. i'm making right turns.
i'm leaving these doubts in the dust. 
this leap of faith has been the hardest thing i have ever had to do...
but it's worth it.
i will depend on God...even though i feel unworthy.
i will talk to God...even though i feel unworthy.
i will take this leap of faith.
this time, i'm not turning back.
this time, things will get better. 

The End

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