turning rightMature

turning right

i'm about to turn right, when everything within me says to turn left.
i'm about to go against my feelings.
honestly, i feel like i'm a burden to everyone. but i'm tired of that.
i'm going to tell myself that i am worthwhile.
i feel lethargic. but that's no excuse.
i want to turn left.
so i turn right.
instead of believing i'm a burden, i will enjoy being with others.
i will believe people's compliments about me. i'll try to, at least.
if i keep telling myself lies, i'll never get better.
so i'm going to stop these lies.
it'll be hard. heavens to betsy, it'll be so hard.
but i'm doing it, because i believe peace exists. and i want peace.
God, help me.
the lies are creeping up inside me again.
they're telling me to turn left.
i think i'll be turning right this time, thank-you very much... 

The End

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