General Vanderson: According to this, your name is Yumi Reynolds

(Fade in from black) (INT view of an aircraft hanger, EXT view of Aia sitting at a metal desk in the aircraft hanger. Behind her you can see that the doors of the hanger are open. It overlooks the ocean below with a few icebergs jutting up into the sky. Sitting across from her is General Vanderson, a man with a buzzcut and a square jaw)

General Vanderson: You are supposed to be hundreds of miles away in New York City, not in the middle of the Arctic circle.

(He slams a yellow file down in front of her. Aia jumps in surprise.)

General Vanderson: ....So the question is, what are you doing here?

(EXT CU view of Aia's face, Vanderson's POV. Aia looks up at him with curious blue eyes. She does not understand what he is saying)

(EXT view of the desk, profile shot, Aia and the General staring at eachother. The far off distant roar of a jet can be heard in the background, echoing through the aircraft hanger)

(EXT view of the General, Aia's POV.The General stands and pulls a gun from the holster at his side)

(EXT CU view of Aia, Vanderson's POV, the gun pressed to her forehead. Aia does not even flinch. She stares at Vanderson with a powerful curiousity)


The End

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