Cosmic: Screenplay


(Black screen)


The human race has become very narrow minded. We refuse to accept new theories or ideas and forge ahead with our minds in the past.

We assume that if there is life beyond our world, that life would be of flesh and blood.

I assure you, we must turn to other theories.

(EXT. The Sun hanging in space)

Narrator/Aia: What if there was a whole new world right at your doorstep and you never even knew it was there

(ECU Aia's eyes as an Eleutherin. They are a deep blue set in a lighter blue face)

Narrator/Aia: It gave you everything. Without it, you would be lost.

(EXT. The Earth from space, the Sun 'rising' over the curved horizon. Aia's POV)

Narrator/Aia: But with it

(EXT. The Earth from space. Rapid zoom to the Atlantic Ocean, Aia's POV)

Narrator/Aia: You will die

(Aia's POV, falling to Earth)

(The clouds whip past her. The camera view spins, flips, and rotates. Aia is screaming the whole time.)

(EXT. The Atlantic Ocean. Camera view is almost level w/ the water.)

(A shape falls into the water at an incredible speed. A wave from the impact rolls up towards the POV of the camera)

(Black out) (Few seconds pause)

(Black in)

(EXT. view of Aia as a human. She has black hair and blue eyes. Her skin is pale as though she has never seen the light of day)

(Her head breaks the surface of the water. The POV of the camera shows her side profile. She flips her head back as she come up so her long dark hair whips back, plastering against her skull. The water is up to her neck)

Aia: (gasps)

(CU view of Aia from the front, trying to stay afloat)

(The sound of a helicopter is heard)

(EXT view of the helicopter from beneath it, the sun directly above it)

(EXT. CU view of Aia.)

(She looks up)

(EXT. view of the helicopter from beneath it, the sun directly above it)

(A rope ladder drops down)

(EXT. CU view of Aia from the front)

(The ladder drops in front of her, splashing as it hits the water. The low thwop-thwop of the helicopter can still be heard)

(Aia grabs it, holding the highest rung she can reach)

(EXT. view of the helicopter from beneath it, the sun directly above it. It moves so that the sun is not directly above it.)

(The Sun flares brightly)

(Fade to white)

The End

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