I look around to see so much confusion in the world,

Cheating on a loved one is so common;

Teenagers losing their virginity and impregnanting the world population.

Everyone is consumed with labels, images, and opinions;

Slowly inhaling the sublimonal drugs that the world feeds you.

Men cheating on women with other men;

Women cheating on men with other women;

Can't anybody see what is really going on?

When did men and women become so corrupt with sex?

You might laugh, but I rather enjoying making love with my pen,

And my lover the paper,  and when I read it out loud,

I speak with passion that can cause intiminate moments to fly through your imagination.


Nobody wants to talk about corruption, sex. 

How its slowly destroying our communities.

Nobody wants to take responsiblities of what their hands handmade.

But they rather use words to destroy other people spirits.

I have grown in my life and in my words,

And I have been torned down over & over about a three letters word

I bet your thinking about that three letter word right now, as I speak

Damn shame, see thats what I'm talking about.

For so long I allow those judgemental eyes to corrupt my spirit.

And one thing I had to learn, is that I do live in this world.

But I'm not of this world;

My father is the Lord thy God, Jesus Christ

And I refuse to be corrupt over labeled as that three letter word.

I wrote this because I just took a breath from my life to see what was around me.

I wish there were more strong black men out there to care for their children that they made homemade

I wish there were people who were just honest with themselves like I am with myself, cheating isnt acceptable.

Men and women whom struggle with the three letter word, like myself, I pray you all the blessing to find who you truly are.

The world feeds so much corruption and destructions in one's life, it time to re-examine your self, take responsibilties and live up to your handmade gifts...

The End

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