Everything causes everything

To think about all those first person experiences.

I like to think that I can influence the weather, and every breath I take does, in some small way, makes the sky blue, cloudy gray, or deep purple. Then, I think of all living things breathing in and exhaling the air we all share (except those deep sea creatures, but then again, who is to say land critters can't influence the oceans?), and how we all, in some small way, influence the weather. Maybe local weather is made to happen by our local happenings and feelings. Maybe global weather measures our emotions of the day. And maybe thunderstorms and clear skies both reflect the gratitude we all feel towards existence itself, whether you are in sync or suicidal. Yes, the suicidal are grateful for even the choice to kill oneself. Now I should rate this work mature, I guess. But I'm not.

See how the concrete meshes with the abstract, or how the subjective makes the objective? To think that modern society, or postmodern, if that's what you fancy, was made by the collusion of disparate awarenesses against the natural, is so complex to think, that we all assume that Invisible Hands are at work. Ghosts of the past, and of the full moon night, must have made us all, but our ancestors also were mere and dear sensors that created their own sensations. We, too, have the potential to be creators, and I am saddened by our will towards the virtual rather than maintaining and building upon our crumbling infrastructure, our public institutions, even private property. We are not computers or brains in vats; we soak up sunlight and belong outside. Inner wallowing must never prevent our time outside.

I am inconsistent and jump from topic to topic because that's how existence is, ever changing and always trying to escape patterns that are tedious and exhausting. Wear ideologies, personalities, and identities like clothes to be changed and rinsed and to be worn again someday. And any constants, if they remain at all, should only serve as firm ground for a new day.

Try interpreting this, mein Freund.

The End

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