The Known Galaxy

The Known Galaxy is divided into 9 quadrants based on the cardinal directions:
North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Center.

These quadrants contain various systems of planets, which are simply known as systems. Each of these systems fall into one of three Galactic Categories:

· Empire
· Independent
· Uncharted

Empire - Control of the system belongs to one of the several major Empires.

Independent - The faction in control of the system acts independently from all major empires and maintain their own rules and society.

Uncharted - No empire or faction maintains control, and thus the area is essentially deemed no man's land. These systems contain various types of planets, some containing structures and cities, others unexplored.

Galactic Months - There are 5 galactic months. Each month is the duration of a year for the Capital of the 5 Major Empires:
K-M =The Month of the Kai - 61 weeks - 3 days/week: 183 days
G-M = The Month of the Guardians - 106 weeks - 2 days/week: 212 days
E-M = The Month of the Empire - 32 weeks - 4 days/week: 128 days
A-M =The Month of the Alliance - 52 weeks 5 days/week: 130 days
R-M =The Month of the Republic - 47 weeks 6 days/week: 141 days

Galactic day is 63 hours

The format for telling the Galactic Date is:

Week of the Galactic Month (Galactic Month): Day of the Week, Hour of Day

Example: 22nd(E-M): Day4, 52nd Hour

The End

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