A very deep resemblance to humans. Head structures are identical, except for the eyes. The iris is slightly larger and tend to have a base color with another color forming some sort of design. Rather than one pupil there are multiple, smaller pupils between the designs of the iris on the eye. Body structure is identical, however the muscle is much tougher and denser than that of a human.


Very reserved beings. Aggression is almost non-existant, even when pushed to the extremes.


Very quiet. Civilization is dependant on terrain and other factors. Rarely celebrate any occasion. Ability to strategize without emotion is an essential part of the culture. Generally introverted, especially amongst their own kind. The addition of extraversion is mainly due to the curious interactions with other races. Because of this, advancement in research and technology was not nearly as high until other species were discovered, as findings were not communicated and broadcasted. Only about 100,000 pure blooded Kaldi are in existence throughout the entire galaxy.


Average is around 179cm


Generally quite intelligent. Extremely curious, deductive, analytical, and naturally attracted to military due to it's high strategic overlook.

Natural Abilities/Skills:

No outstanding abilities.


Reproduction is identical to humans


Average is around 87 kg

The End

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