Extremely beautiful race. Slim. Variety of cool colors. Smooth skin. Some have light tribal markings

Resembles the human figure. Iris is generally larger and are usually vibrant colors. Face is extremely beautiful and smooth. Chin is usually more thin than broad. Different variations of breast sizes, all usually perky. Arms reach to mid-thigh level. Lustrious legs and curvy hips. Hips allow more flexibility than humans. Very strong legs, despite appearances. The average has a 125cm vertical jump.


Vary from individual to individual, however, levels are usually found on the extremes of either very passive, or very aggressive.


All-Female race. Prefer planets that are lush with nature, auroras, and lots of scenery. Lots of emphais placed on family and relaxation. Very few internal conflicts throughout history. Most environments are a blend of the most extravagent arts, foods, and culture throughout various time periods of the galaxy.


Average around 169cm


Extremely intelligent. Quick thinkers and strategists. Can learn to operate even the most advanced technology given that they are educated on it.

Natural Abilities/Skills:

Natural pheremones that allow for extensive illusion abilities even among the least gifted.


Elzna have complete control over their reproductive systems. This, along with their natural pheremones that attract every other species, allows them to adapt to any race of their choice. The ideal partner, however, is generally one who can outwill their extensive illusion ability. Though, this does not guarantee mating, it does have an enormous affect, except for when the being is trained in basic occultic techniques.


Average around 72cm

The End

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