4 eyes. Generally shades of brown, black, and red. Not considered attractive creatures by galactic standards.

Head is long and slightly narrower compared to a human. Eyes are found in the same place as humans, however have an extra set of eyes the the sides of their faces just below. Two small triangular holes are found in the position where the nose would be, and act as both a nose and ears. Mouth is located on the chin. Necks are on ratio with that of a human. Arms stretch the length of the body. Only 3 fingers and a thumb. Nails are claw like. Very bulky. Very flexible at the waist. Able to turn 210 degrees without moving legs. Three Legs, 3feet, 10 toes each. Incredibly agile creatures despite their extremely large size.

Very strong. Sturdy bodies. Armoured shell along entire body except under the arms. Body produces everything needed to survive, however nutrition increases lifespan by up to 87 galactic years.


Very aggressive against any species, including its own. Violence is a key part of mating.


Prefer barren, rocky planets. Cities and structures are built within mountains and the walls of canyons. Very little water needed to sustain life. Carnivorous. Generally eat anything from animals to other races if possible.


Average height is around 304cm


Low Intelligence. Not generally quick thinkers, or strategists. Usually rely on little planning. Use a variety of close range occultic attacks, generally through physical contact. Not very proggressive in research or weaponry. Major reliance on the advancements of subjugated civilizations have allowed them to keep up to date with technology.

Natural Abilities/Skills:
Natural flexibility: Ability to rotate 210 degrees
Enhanced Strength


Borreans have a natural fluid that builds up as they battle and eat other Borreans. The larger the quantity of the fluid, the more stench a Borrean carries. While repulsive to other races, this stench is seductive for other Borreans, and is the prime way of mating. When two Borreans decide to reproduce, the male attaches to the female, merging into her and combining fluids. The female then becomes dormant, only remaining in one location as she nests a series of eggs. The stronger the combination of fluid, the more eggs laid, and the stronger the offspring, however, there is also a greater likelihood of attracting other Borrean predators, who will feast for the enormous amount of nutrition the eggs give in order to enhance their own fluids. It is up to the Borrean female to protect her eggs until they hatch 5-6 months later. Upon hatching, the offspring only takes 3 days before it can fend for itself. During the first day, it learns to walk and move. During the second day, the offspring consume any unhatched eggs, advancing their growth into their young teens. On the third day, the offspring consume their mother, taking in all of her nutrients, which accelerate their growth even further. After the third day, the offspring retain the strength of their mother and father, split, and wander until a clan leader finds, and recruits them, where they gain a family. The clan becomes their only loyalty, and any other politics are dealt with on a code between clans.


Average weight is around 181 kg.

The End

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