Zeal is the category of atoms responsible for Occultic Energy
It is present in all beings

Except for Zeal-1, every zeal atom has two entities known as a zNumber and zMagnitude.

  • The zNumber refers to how many naturally flow throughout the body when inactive
  • The zMagnitiude refers to how many can be bonded to a single Zeal-1.

Bonded zeal atoms act as 1. When a user is not using occultic energy, they are considered "inactive" and can harmlessly interact with other body cells and organs. However, to become active, zeal atoms must bind to zeal-1 to prevent damaging any other cells or organs in the body as they move. If a zeal is unable to attach to Zeal-1 then it is impossible for it to naturally become active. There are methods to bypass this known as Isolated Activation, however these methods are only commonly used in created weapons when the necessity for zeal-1 becomes nullified.

Through training, the magnitude of each atom can be increased, however the number of zeal atoms does not naturally increase or decrease.


Plays the determining factor in a persons aptitude for occultics. It is the only zeal that is neither active nor inactive. Instead, it is known as a suppressor. Naturally, active zeal atoms are too strong for the blood stream to handle, and thus, all other zeal atoms are bonded to this type to become "active". A higher zNumber of Zeal-1 allows a being to use more energy than one with a lower amount. It is the only zeal atom with no magnitude. A zeal atom can only be bonded to a zeal-1 if it holds an inactive charge. If active, the zeal-1 acts as if the zeal atom is already bonded.


Determines a persons ability to conjure energy. When a person attempts to use energy, this atom multiplies, and attaches to zeal-1, physically manifesting the energy that the caster envisions. The higher its zNumber, the faster the energy is produced. The zMagnitude refers to how many can be attaced to a single Zeal-1, resulting in stronger energy.

Determines a persons ability to control energy. As Zeal-2 increases, the need for Zeal-3 becomes necessary to sustain it. Zeal- 2 cannot sustain contact with Zeal-1 in environments outside of the host's body. This is where zeal-3 comes into play. Zeal-3 bonds between zeal-1 and zeal-2 and maintains the bond at a level equivalent to its magnitude. This means, that while a user may have a higher zeal-2 magnitude, giving the ability to cast stronger techniques, without zeal-3 to maintain the energy, the power will always be limited, unless transferred instantly through physical contact.


Determines a person's ability to alter natural energy. This atom directly merges into the natural energies in the universe, absorbing and temporarily storing it. Adding small amounts of zeal-2 to the mix allows the caster to deform and reform the energy to their liking. Since zeal-4 uses natural energy rather than innate zeal-2, the length of time the caster can alter/hold these manifistations depend on their ability to reproduce the energy at a constant rate, rather than use zeal-3 to sustain it. This means that zeal-4 relies more on physical endurance, rather than energy control. However, a caster could opt to use zeal-3 rather than constantly produce zeal-4 and achieve identical results. The zNumber of Zeal-4 allows a caster to produce the energy faster, while the zMagnitude allows for bigger alterations/manifestations.


Determines a person's ability to alter zeal. Unlike other zeal atoms, this zeal exists in extremely lower quantities in a host. Having enough to detect the atoms inside a host is a rarity by itself. This atom, when merged with zeal-1 and another zeal atom, merges with other zeal atoms of the same type and allows the user to alter them directly by activating or deactivating them. When a zeal is deactivated, the flow of energy is disrupted, and is no longer usuable while the effect remains. When a zeal atom is activated by this method, it cannot link to a zeal-1 atom, due to its active charge. Depending on the magnitude of the energy and which zeal is affected, it can cause numerous effects.

When zeal-2 undergoes Isolated Activation inside the body, it can create what's known as an overcharge. The unbounded energy causes the body to overheat, causing instability if the additional atoms are not expended.

When zeal-3 undergoes Isolated Activation inside the body, it causes adrenaline to release in extremely high dosage. The senses begin to dull, and unconscious controlled parts of the body become consciously controlled.

When zeal-4 undergoes Isolated Activation inside the body, the atom begins absorbing and storing natural energy. This creates an effect similar to overcharge, however rather than producing heat, the body pressurizes due to the unnatural intake of energy.


An unobstructed zeal atom capable of forming all types of zeal, including itself. Because of this anomaly, it is unaffected zeal-1. There is no known way to alter this zeal, naturally or unnaturally, nor does it play any known role in the Occultic World.


Zeal-E is not considered to be an actual atom, as it is the result of zeal-1 binding permanently to another zeal atom. It is nearly identical to Zeal-6, however, unlike Zeal-6, it cannot replicate Zeal-1, however, it does not need to be bound to Zeal-1 to become active.

When a particular Zeal atom is created during fetal development, if the zNumber is greater than the zNumber of zeal-1 multiplied by its zMagnitude, the additional atoms are merged directly into Zeal-1. Once Zeal-1 contains the different encoding, the body, no longer recognizing them as zeal-1, replicates the normal amount of Zeal-1 without the additional atoms merged, however copies both during replication. The replicated Zeal atom is then known as Zeal-E, and acts as additional Zeal-1 atoms. This results in stronger profeciencies of the particular type of Zeal, and allows the caster to use occultic abilities that wouldn't normally be possible.

Zeal-E is also used in weapons. As zeal is used, its effects remain in small amounts of Zeal-E. These atoms are harvested and replicated, and using special mechanisms, can be fired off as energy blasts

The End

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