Name: Razor

Pronunciation: ray-zor

Race: Kaldi

Physical Description: (Will update)

Background: Razor was born an orphan. His mother died giving birth to him, and his father before that due to a virus. As a baby he was raised by his mother's sister, Sheila Romain, a mercenary who was known as one of the first officers of The Guild. Their main place of residence was on Haalm. Here, Razor took a sharp interest in his aunts work. At age 3 He would sneak into her office and open confidential case files, analyzing the information, and formulating conclusions. It was then that he expressed his interest in military affairs. Romain, determined to let Razor find his own path, supplied him with the tools necessary to do so. Razor wasn't extremely proficient in Occultic Abilities as most Numetar weren't, however despite this, she schooled Razor in all the Occultic Categories. With this, Razor became able to analyze weaknesses and develop counters for any situation. It wasn't until age 7 that he revealed that he snuck into her office. She was on a case, and Razor saw distress in her face. As a result he offered his hypothesis. Romain was furious, and quite shocked at the fact. This was the first time Razor asked to join The Guild. Despite his early brilliance, Romain had to decline, as she wouldn't risk his life, and she believed he was still too young to see some of the things The Guild handled. Razor protested profusely, however in the end to no avail. Romain believed that he was too untrained for such an arduos lifestyle.

It was at this point that Romain decided that Razor could begin more advanced training, however in order to recieve it, he would have to no longer be home schooled. Razor jumped at the opportunity. She trained him with firearms, and extreme high pressure situations. Since Razor had no outstanding abilities himself, she showed him tools, tips, and tricks to help in any situation against any opponent. Razor became a master of breaking his opponent down. At age 16 Romain finally allowed Razor to join The Guild. He passed the preliminary exams with perfect results, and trained in the Prime Training Core. It was here that he made rivals out of Mel Billux as well as Sarah Viluksy. He managed to edge out both of his competitors in every activity, despite their strong Occultic Ability. Whether it was sparring, information gathering, or simulations, Razor was prepared for every situation. He graduated 6 months later at the top of his class. As a last test for their placement, graduates were required to do a placement mission. The mission was tense, and during the mission, he saved the life of Sarah from a critical mistake The Guild made during briefing. It was around this time that Romain began to branch off from The Guild. Though she remained an associate, she no longer followed anyone's orders from The Guild. Razor followed suit. Upon completion of the placement mission, he was recommended to become Elziir however, declined and attempted to make himself a mercenary who took contracts from The Guild. The Guild protested, as he did not have the rank that Romain did, and thus was not proven outside the simulations. It was declared that he would not be able to work by himself and was required to have at least one person with a similar rank to take on his tasks with him under Guild Law. Sarah, who was practically a rebel to authority, took the opportunity to join with Razor, stating that Razor was one of the only people she would work well with, and that she was grateful for him saving her life. Thus began the partnership of Razor and Sarah. Razor couldn't be his own mercenary, however since Romain handpicked her team from volunteers, The Guild had no quarrels with stopping him from joining Romain's Branch, codenamed Shadow. The branch consisted of 6 people, and was responsible for dealing with extremely high profile targets, generally in tight situations with extremely short windows of opportunity. The targets they tracked were renowned, feared, and unknown, and generally left little to no trace by killing off anyone who might posses any information. Razor and Sarah worked together on every mission, and were successful through 26 cases. Through this time, they were tested time and time again, physically and mentally. This created a strong bond between them. On their 23rd case, Sarah came close to the end of her life due to a bold move made by an international criminal. Razor barely managed to save her, and it was then that they realized their love for each other. From that moment, began the actual relationship between the two. The story picks up with Razor on his 27th case, currently tracking Chaos.

The End

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