Name: Chaos

Pronunciation: kay-oss

Race: Dakni

Physical Description: (will update)

Background: Chaos was born on the planet Di'Capor in the slums of Arkna. His mother named him after the living conditions they were in. His father died protecting his mother from a rival gang before he was born. Growing up for him was a struggle. He would go many nights hungry. His father along with 12 others, broke away from the clan he led known as The Blood Gang Marauders, after the co-leader became focused on killing everything with no code. He then formed what became known as The Hidden. Because of his father's betrayal, The Blood Gang relentlessly pursued them. However, his father was a master of the shadows, and as he slayed those who came after him from the shadows, the clan got it's named. Shortly before Chaos was due to be born however, The Blood Gang managed to track his father, and kill him. The other 11 members escaped. After his father's death, The Blood Gang eased up, focusing instead on other priorities to raise their dominance. By the time Chaos was old enough to begin his own training, only 8 members remained.

At age 3, he began watching the clan in action as they did what was necessary to survive. He trained in a multitude of skills, mainly guided by his mother, who at the time was the leader of The Hidden. He trained day in and day out. He had no impressive occultic abilities, and instead trained on fighting without offensive occultic abilities, and using his occultic energy for decoys and deceptive techniques so that he didn't have to do frontal assaults to begin with. For awhile he accepted the life that was given to him, and acknowledged that he would have to fight for it for however long he lived. However, something happened that would give birth to a new vengeance.

At age 6, he began stealing supplies from the market district. After one of his successful runs, he had an encounter with a Borrean child. The Borrean boy attempted to intimidate Chaos into giving up what he stole for himself, and Chaos went along with it. As soon as the Borrean turned his back, Chaos plunged a knife through the boy's heart, and killed him. Little did he know, the child was one of The Blood Gang Marauders. The news quickly spread, and The Blood Gang was enraged at the incident. Even worse, the main force was already in the area. After Chaos returned to his mother's hideout, a group of The Marauders who tailed him showed up. He tried to fight, however was incredibly weak compared to the men before him. Even his mother was powerless as they raped and killed her with no mercy in front of his own eyes. They beat him until he was unconsious. He awoke to find that the rest of The Hidden had rescued him and managed to escape back into the shadows. However due to the traumatizing event, Chaos' mentality took an even darker turn. He didn't pin his anger on The Blood Gang Marauders, but rather the governor who allowed these living conditions, and the other factions throughout the galaxy who knew about the conditions and did nothing. He not only vowed for vengeance, but swore to show the galaxy the fear that comes when your on the verge of losing everything. His hatred ran deep. And his primary targets were those who thought of themselves above. And through the years, his skills grew tremendously. His only objective was to become more fearsome than he was. He wanted to strike fear into everything. And as he spoke his new found dream, all of the members of The Hidden secretly vowed to achieve the same thing.

At age 17, with a newly refined set of skiils and abilities, Chaos took command of The Hidden. Only comprised of 8 new and old members, they began to take over the areas of the slums through the darkness. They no longer had a hideout. They were ghosts constantly moving about. They were only identifiable through the insignia they wore. It was greyed out, more so on one side than the other. The lighter side held a bloody hollow eye and the grimace of a devil , while the other held a red eye and the sinister smile of a madman. 

Chaos began by killing the leader of The Blood Gang Marauders and everyone that took part in his mother's death. He then claimed the territory as his own. This outraged other gangs throughout Arkna who had been fighting for Blood Gang's territories. As the gangs began voicing their opinions about The Hidden publicly, the leaders started vanishing one by one. Chaos put down anyone who challenged him with no regard for their families. He struck fear into the slums of Arkna, and eventually, moved his sights on the Inner City. He, as well as the rest of The Hidden managed to break through the occultic barrier that blocked The Inner City and The Slums, and caused pandemonium from the shadows. He killed high ranking officials, politicians, or those who just dissatisfied him with their narcissistic morals. Eventually he made his way to The Governor's District where he killed The Governor and his advisors in a private meeting.

With Arkna under his spell, he began to strike fear into the galaxy. The Hidden moved past Di'Capor and began making contacts far into the Karra System. Using these contacts, they would target those who voiced their belittling opinions, as well as anyone who thought that the killings were wrong and vowed to stop them. His story picks up with him returning to his hideout.

The End

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