Corners of Darkness Lore: CharactersMature

I suppose I should stop being such a lazy ass and finally start posting some of this stuff for people who read the story. Here, I will update the characters of The Corners of Darkness, their backgrounds, and descriptions. Quite honestly, these notes were written a while ago. There may be minor spoilers. It is preferred that you read the story before the lore, as they are really meant to be used to draw connections between character and actions. Because of this, this post probably won't be updated properly until I have at least finished the first draft.

Note: These descriptions have been written for sometime, and are not strictly speaking edited. They are only meant to give a description of the character. Some are also dark, but then again, the story is dark, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Posts should include:

Character Name

Character Pronunciation

Character Race

Character Description

Character Background

The End

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