A tribute to an old friend of mine.



the sun is warm, the sun is burning

can I find refuge from this sordid light

when all the doors are locked from the inside


six winged angel blotting out the sun

will you come when I call you?

six winged angel will you 

comfort me console me hold me

corner me?


the moon is cold, the moon is soft

in the darkness no fears for in the night

do you only need to see our eyes?

can feelings have no words

but rather cool caressing?


six winged angel silhouette that you make

at last more than voices and glancing touch

six winged angel will you 

play with me talk to me laugh with me cry with me

love me?


lay with me and feed me sweet words

made of fingers and hair

no one else needs to know us

turn us over to each other and

do you want to?


six winged angel come down from your pedestal

can you stay down here forever?

can you soothe me calm me watch me

and no kisses for me 

and no kisses for you

can you smell me and you 

and can you feel you

bite me?


but this was not the place for you

return to where you go

even when I begin to look elsewhere

you'll still be my shade











The End

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