Consolation Prize

I didn't win,
I lost the fight.
I let you run
out of my sight.
I didn't feel the pressure
until it was too late.
Now I see her there with you
and I can't believe its true,
but then you come to me
after a supposed bliss
and tell me it's us you really miss. *

* Now I know the backstory
    no need to explain
    I understand  she left you
   alone in your pain.
    But I'm sorry to tell you
    I didn't wait all day,
    cuz I'm not your consolation prize
    when things don't go your way.

Enough with the excuses
they don't help your case.
I know the truth from the lies
so don't lie to my face.
This world isn't your own
nor is anything in it.
All you own is your own tattered soul
no you don't own mine! *


You had your chance to put up a fight
but you ran on ahead
without me despite
the 'love' that you say
you had in your heart,
which is a boldface lie
which you proved now apart.

Interlude (*x2)

The End

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