Consider yourself admired

Consider yourself admired

Most of the time when people are asked who they admire, they tell you about some extraordinarily famous guy or gal that has changed society in some way. Some even go as far as to name famous people who have done nothing but act out parts on a movie or television show. So, I will ask this question, who is really, I mean really worth admiring?

The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer. Even though some television stars are as equally useless and unentertaining as playing with a ball of yarn, they can still be admired by someone. Now, I'm not sure by whom but when you find them please let me know.

The person that I admire is someone who was always there for me, a person who really knew me and was always more than one step ahead of me. He never let me forget that he had already been where I was trying to go, did the things that I was trying to do.

My father wasn't the typical father, but he was the best I had seen, or at least in my eyes he is. My father never changed the world but he changed my life. He could have been like most of the other broken down and misinformed deadbeat dads out there, but he wasn't.

From the very minute I was born he was right there to make sure that I grew up the right way. By the right way I mean being a good person and making something out of my life. My dad always encouraged me to do the right thing and to be a critical thinker. He taught me never to be nave.

I was always treated like an equal and never a subordinate, well; at least when it came to the really important issues I was. When it was time for me to do chores or come home at a certain time there was no equality to be found. Either I did what he said, or I did what he said.

Now, I'm not saying that I and my father got along great everyday. I'm just saying that more times than not, even if I didn't show it, I loved and respected my dad. To this dad I remain in good standing with my dad. He always taught me to say what I feel and to go for what ever I wanted in life.

My dad was never the person to have many friends, but he does have one. He has a friend that will always remember the good times and write the bad one's off as a learning experience. He may not be an actor but he will always play a big part in my life.


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