Day Four

(sheepish grin) Not quite as annoyed as yesterday. I think I overreacted a little! Sorry about that. But I cheered up when I realised I’d only lost about 4 or 5 pages from my notebook, and I can re-write them without too much grief, although my phone is officially broken. Mum’s not too mad though, because I rang her from the payphone and she didn’t seem like she was going to kill me! After all, I still have my old phone.

I’ve been enjoying writing therapy: a sleeping bag, a notebook and pencil, and sweets. Bliss. Makes me feels so much better. Writing depressing stuff always works, and it officially kills writer’s block too. Or perhaps writer’s block committed suicide?

Went climbing today. Didn’t do all that much actual climbing, just once up each of the ropes, but we sat in the group shelter and played games, which was fun. Vez [one of our group leaders] got suspicious when we were really quiet and whispering, a vital part of the game, and yelled, “Oi! Why are you guys being so quiet?” I thinks she thought we were plotting.

Then we had prayer time but I didn’t stay with everyone in the main hall. We were allowed to leave and I’ve never been able to pray in a group. I went back to the dorms and had a really long shower, because it’s always been easier for me to pray if I’m under running water, especially if I’m saying sorry for something. Makes me feel forgiven.

The downside to this was that although I was dressed I had to go to small groups with a towel around my shoulders to prevent my hair soaking everything I was wearing, which prompted lots of questions. “Are you Welsh?” I should explain that my towel is a Welsh flag (green and white with a dragon).


The End

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