Day Two

Very tired today! Kayaking from about half ten until four in the rain and wind and general cold, but it did clear up a little later on. In the end (well, a little while into the session) I had to go empty my boat and Graham [Graham was one of our leaders] gave me hot ribena. You have no idea how nice that tasted.

Then later (after lasagna--I had veggie, it was very nice; then again, I was uber hungry!) we had a night walk / canoe trip. I walked with Reuben and we had a really interesting conversation, before being put in the same canoe because neither of us was in a pair! He seems nice. "Such a nice boy" as Mum would say.

I'm tired and it's past midnight--we're going walking tomorrow--so I won't say much else, except ...

Those were some pretty awesome stars out there tonight! Thousands of them, scattered all over the sky. I almost cried, they were so beautiful. If I had to go on a retreat to get back in contact with God I would sleep all day and spend all night looking at stars: that would be enough to convince me of his eternal power and existence, and I would never doubt again.

I smell of lake. Perhaps I should shower?

Very long walk tomorrow. Sleep time, no?


The End

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