Day One

We're just about settled in--everybody very friendly, although I'm sure I've seen some of them before, which is odd since I'm not sure I have. Josh and Reuben look eerily familiar, though, so I'll wait and see if it turns out we do know each other. Mind you, Josh looks slightly like Luke from The Sarah Jane Adventures which I've seen once or twice: that might explain it.

We had a barbeque by the lake--very welcome as we just went swimming and almost froze to death! That was some cold water, and we're talking swimming costumes not wetsuits. The showers were good and hot, thank goodness, so I could warm up once we got back to camp.

It's smaller than I expected: 20 young people, 10 girls and 10 boys. We're all in one dorm (well, girls in one and boys in the other!) so it's not going to be quiet at night, ha ha :)


Just came back from evening meeting, where we played a game in which you have a cocktail stick in your mouth with a polo on the end and the idea is to pass the polo down the line (we were in our teams; I'm in Abednego). Rather too intimate for my liking. Having spoken to Reuben, he assures me that we've never met, so that's a mystery.

We played a very nosy version of Jenga. Most people are now playing Top Trumps but I came downstairs to write, get changed in private and text my mum. All is going well so far (except my handwriting, ha ha--if you could see this, you'd laugh; it's a total mess!).

Tomorrow looks good, although unfortunately the overnight expedition we were promised was cancelled. We are having a late night canoeing session so that's pretty cool. Looking forward to that.



The End

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