In a new perspectiveMature

A step further from  yesterday and all that has been writen so far.And the aftermath off who by choice or accident as come across what I have writen and learned maybe too much of what they didn`t need or want.In confessions is good for the soul,I say that once one is broken the fact you are honest and say to strangers about your past it can`t really afect you.

I am pretty sure I was mistaken.Because i can almost see the pity looks or even worst the why is it being written in the first place it is too private.

Well,how about this.Throught out my life blood relatives and imediate surronding people(teachers,doctors,the people-you meet on your daily errands),they all though i was too proud,too reclused.

That I refuse too mingle because i saw myself above others.That I spend all my time reading or writing away from human contact because I felt they were beneath me.How wrong could they be ?

I felt i couldn`t relate to children playing around me,because I no longer was one.I didn`t play with dolls or other activities they would do,I missed a lot of normal steps one takes for granted all children get when are born.

Tha was not my case,and I know it wasn`t for some of you as well,I simply decided to show in one story part of who I am,and how I became that way.

In a new prespective it may seem too much,but in all honesty this isn`t about what you all will think about what i wrote,it is about me finally talking about it.

For the first time to anyone.In full.

You all are forgetting one thing as well,I am talking to the paper.

It is the paper who  really is  my confident,not the rest of you.For those who know me,they know it happen,not the how.I hope in all honesty they refrain themselfs from reading,it will anger them and I know for a fact at least one will want vengance in my behalf.

That is a futile emotion.It changes nothing and it only makes the past ,present again.

Is there a purpose to all of this ?

I am yet to find it.It made me put my age up,for once.The truth is I don`t consider myself a writer.

I write stories where the end is either good or extremely good for my caracters and I always make sure the bad ones get fully punish,how as no one comment on that is beyond me.

I do justice in my own way,to not remenber if possible it is the way.

The past is behind me,now if one day I can trust a man in my life.I know the past no longer will matter...

The End

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