Is confession good for the soul ?Mature

Some will nod in agreement,others will refuse to even continue reading.On my personal experience,i say it doesn`t matter either way.If your soul feels broken in the first place,it is not with confession it will heal.

I don`t have very close friends,it is very hard to trust someone with who i am.Hence the reason why i only count five people in my life as friends.They are there if i need them and when i don`t.

I see in their face the need to be of assistance and how sometimes without thinking i hurt them by not sharing.This person i am today,is very secluded.

I can`t depend on others for who i am.There is no part of me that feels that kind of trust anymore,i can safely say that part of me is dead...

So,i see myself asking in your behalf who do you go to in times of peril ?

I answer,i seek first and formost God.

It may seem very hard to understand this for those who don`t believe in anything higher than human existence,but i don`t blame God for all the bad that has happen to me,others have done that.

If i had not seek answers in Him,i most likely would have killed myself long ago.Not,that i haven`t tried.I have,and now you know something very personal.

There is no shame in admitting that at one point in our lifes,we falter.

Sometimes i see myself praying to keep from despairing too much,i am so tired of feeling less worthy.

I am going to share something personal.

I love water,i can`t express how much i wash myself daily.You may understand the why now.It makes me feel less dirty...

And for now this is enough,i can`t tell you what brought this up,but i don`t hide what i am to no one,the reason why my picture is not on display is because i refuse to look at my body,there that is all for now.

The End

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