Death's Tale

As we sat by the firelight,

Death, shrouded in black

Veils and dyed lacey dresses,

Came to us and told us her story.

About how her sister, Life, had

Unfailingly been the favorite of

The people. They were scared at the

Unknown road that Death proposed,

And turned to Life for help. When she

Gave them a sunny smile and twittered

A quick, 'Oh, I'll be right back, you poor dears',

And promptly left them, not knowing what

She was supposed to do, Death tried to help,

But they ran away in terror. She looks at us

Sadly at the end of her tale, and envelops

Us in a black shroud, grinning manically

And saying, 'Looks like it's the end of the road.'

The End

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