Things We Lost In The Fire (I)

Billowing clouds of smoke

Cover the previously blue

Sky, creating a shadowy walkway.

Breaking into a run, she tries desperately

To shove through the officers blocking the

Way, but she can't fight them, and watches,

Tears rolling down her flushed and sooty cheeks,

As her home burns to the ground. They let down

Their guard for a second and she slips through,

Running wildly for her family, diving through

The broken wooden door, and lunging for the

Stairs. Throwing the door open, she stops when

She sees her sister's prone form, white as snow in

The choking atmosphere. She's beginning to feel faint,

The flames and heavy smoke getting to her, but she

Manages to get her sister out, collapsing once she's

Barely clear of the door. When she's dragged back from the

House, she can only watch helplessly as everything she's

Ever known burns to ashes, unable to escape a second time.

The End

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