[Background would be helpful here. One day when I was in Year 6 everyone messed around too much and we were all put in groups for lunch times, so that's what I was annoyed about]

Dear Diary,

Mrs Hird is really out of order! She put all our names in a cup ... anyway, I'm with Rory, Kate and a yr 5 boy whose name I can't remember. I got the worst group!

I'm sitting in one of the Classics classrooms at Bexley Grammar School. It's kind of embarrassing because I feel too small!!! Hopefully no one is reading this. Helena said she'd look after me but I don't know where she's gone. I've got my eye on those haribos on the desk ... At the moment they've got some photos, from when they went to Greece, on the white board. No one seems to be looking at them now though. I'm here for another hour-and-a-half or something - I'm going to get bored soon!


The End

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