Dear Diary,

Today was awful. I spent the whole of lunch break in the office because I felt so sick. But did they send me home? No. In fact, they ignored me. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, but I can't explain why. Tomorrow I am going to the sixth-form open evening and I am going to sit in the corner and read a book. It's because there is no one to look after me. God thing: I get to go to the chip shop. Yum.

Our space projects (sorry - pen ran out) are due in tomorrow. It is World Book Day & 11+ results next week. Next week I find out whether I go to Bexley Grammar School or Beaverwood. What do you think I want? Clue: BGS. I hope Natalie 'gets a selective place' too.

School is really boring and I wish I was a year older. Also, I'm not sure if it is Aaron or not. I tried to ask Lydia for advice but she seemed a bit preoccupied.

Tomorrow, when I go to Bexley Grammar, I am going to take:

1) Inkheart
2) This diary
3) A few pens
4) Eldest
5) 6 sheets A4 paper in a folder
6) Little bag

I hope they don't think I'm 'cute'; I'm a vampire on Thursdays.

Got to go,

PS - I'm back! It's quite cold in my bedroom at the mo. My blanket is covering the chair bed but my feet are cold so I'm going to go get it. Sorry its a bit smudged - i had to put it under my pillow in a hurry. I can only keep writing until the end of the page, so ... If I don't go to school tomorrow Mum will think I'm faking ill, but I honestly don't feel to good. My head hurts and I feel sick, which isn't a good combination. MiM. 

The End

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