Dear Diary,

School started again today. We had Mrs Leighton again this morning, but Mr Jones in the afternoon. I sent Esme a really long letter - 5 or 6 pages! I also talked to her on msn. On Sunday at Church it was 'Bring a Friend day'. I invited Natalie and afterwards we climbed the tree, ate biscuits and connected our tamagotchis. hers got married - how cool is that?

It's ten to ten now and I'm not supposed to be writing this ... never mind. I think Helena is coming so I've got to go - perhaps tomorrow I'll find a quieter pen. [...] Found one - a gel pen; never been used. I can write faster using it, too ...

I printed off my project last night. It's really long. Hopefully Mrs Clarke won't say it's too long. I covered the folder in black paper - it looks very smart and I'm very proud of it it. I feel like Harry Potter only I'm not doing homework under the quilt - I'm writing my diary.

BIG problem: [this is where the exaggeration and stuff comes in] I think I'm in love. [what???] I don't know who with [!] but in my mind's eye I can see love hearts and I can't stop thinking about it. What will I do? First things first: find out who it is. That is my mission - I won't give up until I work it out.

Second BIG problem: Me and Natalie keep argueing. Dena is taking her away from me, although now that we're Thing One and Thing Two we are sticking together more.

BIG problem No.3: I really want Esme to come for a sleepover in the Easter Holidays, but because her Dad is ill her family can't really plan ahead so I won't know until nearly the end of term. It's a real problem. Also I'm jealous of Dena and Beatrice because they saved up and bought a laptop but I've only got £250 so I have to wait ages before I can get one. Really do have to go now.


Ps - We were doing diving in swimming today.
Pps - Ben's going out with Samantha. Ooooooo!
Ppps - Who can it be? Alex H? Fat chance! No one at school, I guess. But where else? This is really bugging me now. Who is it? I have to know.
Pppps - I'll ask Lydia H-B for advice. I think she's been in love. Who is it?! 

The End

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