To: diary@mim.co.uk
From: shooting_star@mim.co.uk
Subject: diary
Date: 15th Feb

It's nine in the morning. I haven't had breakfast yet. I was going to wear the dress Helena gave me for Christmas but I forgot to bring tights or my boots so instead I'm wearing jeans. After breakfast Grandad and I are going to collect Esme. I hope she is nice! Perhaps we could write ...

I'm going to go and show myself to the world (have breakfast) in a minute so I will have to go, but I will write some more this evening. I am going home tomorrow.


PS - I didn't get any Valentine's cards. :) It's so embarassing!


Dear Diary,

Today I met Esme! We are really good friends now. I am writing her a really long letter and I still haven't finished it! I will finish it in the morning. In the Easter holidays I might see her again. Hope so ...

We went to the playground in the morning, and played out own version of Jungle Run. It was fun. We had lunch and ate 'Flick 'n' lick' lollies. Then we did some random paper pictures. After that we went to see Charlotte's Web. There was an advert for Shrek the Third and one for Harry Potter 5. When we got back we had tea, then we wrote letters to each other. I'm going to finish my one to Esme in the morning. Got to go now, but if I finish the letter I will write again in the morning.

I've got a  new friend 

The End

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