Dear Diary,

Last night it snowed. We had to listen to this Time 106.4 to find out whether the school was shut, but it wasn't. Then someone rang Natalie's mum and said that they had rung the school and the school was apparently closed. But it turns out that it was open, but there were only about ten people in each class; half the teachers weren't there either! Anyway, I didn't go to school and Mum had to go to work so I went to Natalie's house. We played in the snow a lot and we made a snowman. It took us all day (with breaks of course! It was cold * ), but we were very proud of it and we took loads of photos of it. My feet, at this moment, are cold: even though they are under  my quilt!

My tamagotchi's are called BEA (Version4) and HELEN (Version3). Yet again, they are both girls. Natalie has lost hers.

I'm meant to be doing Discover [these were Bible notes] but I'm not because it is no fun on your own. Dad juts came in and I'm going to have to stop now, but there are a couple more things I want to say.

1) I'm going to try and write in my diary at least once a week.
2) I hope my project's not too long! [this was for school]
3) I hope I manage to finish my project.


The End

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