Dear Diary,

It was my birthday yesterday. I got up at 6:44 so that I could be up for The Moment I turned 11. I got lots of presents and I loved it. I gave out haribos at school, and quite a few people said Happy Birthday. But best of all, today I bought a Version4 tamagotchi! It only cost £12.49 so I got it and have been connecting with my other one. They are basically the same, but the Version4 is better. It is called Abbie. My other tamagotchi is called Grace.

Today at school we had Mrs Laiton [spelling mistakes faithfully reproduced as I still don't know how to spell Bernie's name!]. She has two little girls called Abigail and Grace. Just like the tamagotchis! Dad is in Southhampton at the moment, so he hasn't seen my tamagotchi yet. He knows about it though - I told him on the phone. I got a bank account yesterday - my bank signature is:

[insert signature here]


The End

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