Confessions Of A Pathetic Emo Kid

I don't know if you've ever kept a diary, but I kept one regularly for several months when I was younger. I might even have made it to a year. Every now and again, I look through it and write an entry or two. My last entry (excluding the half-page I wrote yesterday) was from August 2009. 

Looking back over the 2007-2008 sections, I was surprised at how much I've changed in three and a half years. I was, and I've only just fully realised this, a pathetic, pretentious little emo kid, who over-exaggerated everything to make the diary more interesting, and had no clue about real life. 

But I found it amusing anyway, and I thought you might too.

NB: This is not the full diary. These are excerpts that I deemed appropriate since various things were rather too sensitive to post! Names have been changed.

The End

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