Once upon a time i was born and today a new day unfolds...

In the remain thoughts of her existence she decided to explain a few things to those she had not bother to explain the why or what this was all about.

Why am i so eager to bite others off ?

Blame it on being always put down your intire life and on top off that add fisical abuse.Are you there yet ?

Good,now for good measure add 8 years of sexual abuse to the mixture.Can you feel yourself recoil in anger for this poor creature ?

No ?!

Well,she hasn`t ask for it anyway,in fact she is too proud to show how much hurt she gets when she criticised.

She has no one in her life.

She choose to life alone because she feels unfit to change,or she does not know how.In either case,she feels deeply,she hurts,but she doesn`t cry.

Too many times in her past others have seen her cry,and they have made her feel too conscious about it,they  made her feel even smaller.

I am that person,my name his Carla,i write and apparently i upset people with the way i go about it,that is the only reason i stop colaborating with others.

I refuse to be judge yet again,not here as well,this is one of the only places i still visit that bring me some joy.

I refuse to let go,at least for now.

Maybe it will come the day i shall let this part of me finish,but not just yet.

Not just yet...

The End

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