Scene 5Mature

Theodore stalks out of the theatre, Edmund following somewhat far behind.

EDMUND, tauntingly yet angrily: Come again!

Theodore turns to Edmund with a final glare, then slams the door behind him. Edmund is left staring after him, suddenly emotionless.
A gentle but haunting piece of music starts to play, then becomes louder and louder as the door continues to occupy the screen.

The sudden sound of a door opening stops the music as Edmund's emotionless expression is seen yet again. As the shot returns to the door, it's his front door at his home. A young woman (CASSANDRA LEAU) stands in the doorway, looking a bit shocked.


EDMUND, shortly: Yes.

CASSANDRA: I'm Miss Leau.

She reaches out to shake his hand, but Edmund ignores it.

EDMUND: Welcome. Please excuse the mess, I haven't had time to clean up.

CASSANDRA: Oh, I don't mind. Defeated, she lowers her hand.

EDMUND: Good. Pause. Come with me.

Edmund leads Cassandra through his home, a face of surprise and horror crossing her face as she sees the charred inside. Though it's light out now and the sun is streaming through the windows, creating a nicer atmosphere, the house is still frightening and somewhat dark.

CASSANDRA, delicately: Wha--what happened here?

EDMUND: Happened where?

Cassandra looks around, then quickly back at Edmund.

CASSANDRA: Nothing. Never mind.

EDMUND: Alright. Under his breath: Weirdo.

Cassandra, upon hearing Edmund's comment, furrows her brow slightly. The two finally reach Edmund's music room, where he gestures for Cassandra to sit down.

EDMUND: I'm going to go get something. You stay here and read over this, alright?

CASSANDRA: Yes, sir.

Edmund gives her a look, then quickly leaves, leaving Cassandra sitting at his piano. She reaches up and takes the paper from the stand, reading over it rather slowly. The various pieces of opera music play as she reads, beautiful music that engulfs her completely.

The End

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