Scene 4Mature

Edmund leads Theodore down the hallway. He pays no mind to the strange marks on the walls around him, purposely ignoring them, but Theodore does nothing of the sort.

Theodore looks at the marks in authoritative confusion for a few seconds, then stops and leans closer. He runs his hand along them, then looks at his palm.

THEODORE: What are these?

Edmund turns; while Theodore has been obsessing over the wall, Edmund has been staring off into space.

EDMUND, still somewhat distractedly: Hmm? What?

THEODORE: These marks--what are they?

EDMUND, slurred, yet with some confidence: Well, I--just, uh--marks from props. We had a big show last week.

Theodore looks up at Edmund suspiciously.

THEODORE: Mmhmm. I see.

There is a long pause.

EDMUND: Shall I show you the rest of the building?

THEODORE, after a few seconds of consideration: Yes. Yes, let's go.

Edmund walks ahead towards the wooden door and pushes it open, revealing the incredibly ornate auditorium. Theodore raises his eyebrows as he looks inside. Edmund smirks at this reaction.

EDMUND: Never been here before?

Theodore quickly gathers his wits and shakes his head.

THEODORE: No. Only heard of it.

EDMUND: Well, feel free to look around.

Theodore's brow furrows with annoyance.

THEODORE: I will, thanks.

Theodore walks along the row of seats, running his hand along them methodically. After a few seats, he stops and leans closer, inspecting another set of marks on the chair.

As he does so, Edmund leans over next to him.

EDMUND: Enjoying yourself?

Theodore stands angrily with a grunt.

THEODORE: What is wrong with you?

EDMUND: My problem, sir, is that you interrupted me while I was cleaning up backstage. I have a guest visiting tomorrow and I've no warning thanks to the damned post, and I'm trying to make things look nice before she arrives.

Theodore narrows his eyes.

THEODORE: Well, excuse me.

EDMUND, rolling his eyes: I'm sorry, could you just hurry it up?

Theodore smirks now.

THEODORE: Certainly.

Edmund tips his head towards the ceiling in frustration.

The End

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