Scene 3Mature

Edmund's steps now seem lighter and more cautious as he walks through the hallway leading to the auditorium. He looks around the dark hall with a cautious gaze, the long, thin area lit only by a few lanterns. The red carpet underneath his feet has been thoroughly cleaned, but there are a few dirty marks on the walls. A few seem to resemble handprints.

He finally reaches a large, heavy, wooden door and pushes it open. As he does so, a beautifully tragic song starts to play; an opera song, presumably written by Edmund himself. Whether it is actually being played or is within Edmund's mind is unknown, but in any case he synchronizes his movements with the beat of the music.

Before him is a wonderfully large room, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, hundreds of candles burning within them. Thousands of seats line the walls and floor, able to hold crowds of a considerable size.

As he enters, a slight smile crosses Edmund's face. He doesn't look up at the chandeliers nor the fire, but towards the stage. Props have been left from the previous show, including a few torches and trees; a charred figure is laid morbidly by the torches.

Edmund climbs onto the stage as he reaches it, stepping easily over the abandoned decorations. He slowly walks towards the edge of the incredibly large space, entering the backstage area.

Everything there is as charred as the items contained in his house, the only props currently remaining being the ones that aren't flammable. He looks around, sighs deeply, then gets to work attempting to clean. Things get pushed into piles and out the door for someone else to take care of, other things stored in various hidden closets. But there is one closet completely in the open that he is ignoring, never stuffing anything inside.

As he is almost finished, a knock is heard echoing down from the hallway that he came from. Edmund tips his head back in frustration, then goes to answer it.

Edmund opens the door with an angry and intimidating look. But the man (THEODORE) who knocked is not afraid, stepping inside as soon as he's able.

THEODORE is dressed in an expensive overcoat, a golden pocketwatch chain dangling from his pocket. He is obviously a man of high stature.

EDMUND, half-heartedly: May I help you?

THEODORE, loftily: Yes, actually. I'm here to inspect the building; a disappearance has been reported and the last time said person has been seen is here.

Edmund stares at Theodore briefly.

EDMUND: Oh, yes. Please come in.

The End

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