Scene 2Mature

Edmund rolls his eyes, the action barely seen in the dim light. He quickly walks back to the piano, his angered footsteps echoing off the barren floors. With another grunt, the artist sits down, the burnt legs of his stool creaking under the sudden weight.

Edmund sets the letter on top of the piano. It's dangerously close to the candle, threatening to catch, touched by the light and glaring yellow. Edmund does a quick double-take when he realizes what he's done. And though he looks a bit guilty now, his eyebrows knit together as his eyes flash with sensual mischief. His face is lit by the flame, flickering orange against his gray, charred, and thoroughly abused home.

He reaches up, inching the letter closer and closer to the fire, his apparent satisfaction intensifying as he does so. But at the last second, the tortured pyromaniac grabs the letter and rips it open.

EDMUND, reading to himself: Sir...I would be pleased to work with you...will be moving in on the...the twelfth.

He sighs, a slight growl escaping his lips.

EDMUND: Damn mail service. Now I've no time to prepare.

Angered, Edmund throws the letter into the fire and stomps through his house. He reaches the front door quickly, running out with no coat nor any hesitation. The yard in front of him is growing untamed with grass and flowers; the pinks and blues of the plants contrast against the dark house behind.

Edmund walks down a stone path that splits through the yard messily. The twists and turns easily manipulate his movements. He pays no attention to the overgrowth but continues onto a flattened patch of grass, beaten down by the many carriage wheels that have passed over it.

After a bit of walking, Edmund has reached a small town. More dark houses surround him. The path (as well as Edmund's face) is lit by the lanterns that hang by the doors. As he passes them, his eyes sparkle with a mixture of apprehension and desire.

As he continues down the path, he comes upon a large opera house, the only bright building on the street. Reds and yellows decorate the entrance and roof; the rest of the place is a strange off-white shade. With a determined look, Edmund unlocks the door and heads inside.

The End

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