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Our modern technology is fast civilizing. As far as invention could say, one of the most useful tool that we use today is the computer. It helps us make our job easy and fast. This helps us store data, gather information, process operation in fast and reliable way. Regardless of the computer's latest model or brand, does it gives you quality performance? This is mostly ask by some computer users.

In order to heal this alleviations, most companies, schools, government agencies and other computer users tend to upgrade the performance of their computer from its software down to its connection. Computer problems will rise without being easily detected. That is why we have to be prepared just in case we encounter this. Let us site an example. Activex codec

An ActiveX video codec is an ActiveX software program or device that allows video compression and decompression for creating digital video. The ActiveX compression usually utilizes lossy data compression. In the past, video was only stored on magnetic tape as an analog signal. Upon the introduction of the compact disc, it became very easy to start storing and using videos in a digital form, and different video technologies began to emerge. Video and audio call for different customized compression methods, which led to the development of ActiveX Video Codec.

ActiveX Video Codec Design. ActiveX video codec seeks to represent a basically analog data structure in a digital way. Because of the analog video signals' design, which represent color and luma information separately, the first step to image compression in the ActiveX video codec is the representation and storing of the image in YCbCr color space. The YCbCr conversion provides improvement in compressibility by giving decorrelation of the color signals and the separation of luma signals, which is more important than the chroma signal. The ActiveX video codec uses a variety of chroma sub-sampling ratios for its compression needs.

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