Comments and Prayers

This is how I feel every commenter should comment. I try to comment like this as much as possible, and I love it when my readers give me comments such as described in this essay.

      I do believe that it is every author's dream to write something, to create something out of words, and possibly get it published. Though, once (if) they do get it published, authors [might] tend to get a little antsy. They wonder to themselves, "Was my piece of literature any good? Did readers enjoy it, hate it, treasure it, trash it, or ignore it? What did they think when they read it? I want to know!"

     Face it, we all, the writers of Protagonize, crave feedback. We pour our hearts into our writing and send it off to be shared, and we would love to hear what people have to say about our work! Despite what some might say, writing can be a tricky thing to do (as most of you know already). There are so many synonyms of words to choose from, multiple ways to set up a sentence, not to mention adding phrases and clauses to give it some flavor. Writing isn't always just a sit down and do it kind of thing. Writing is a sit down, think about it, and then write it kind of thing!

    This, what you are reading right now, is, in a way, a part of me. I am giving you a small window into my heart, and I would like to know what you think about what you see... and I would prefer an actual sentence or two, not just a "good job" or a virtual pat on the back. I'm glad to hear that you like it and sad to hear that you don't, but I really want to know "Why?". Which part made you bawl your eyes out? Which part made you laugh so hard that milk came out your nose? Which part made you want to scream and toss it across the room? Which part made your heart want to leap out of your chest? I would like to know, please!!

   Okay, spiritual moment. I like to think of God as an author. He created us (the characters of our own stories), He has written our lives out, and he wants to know what we think about it. He wants us to tell him how we feel about the plot of our lives. Each and every situation we face has been given ("blessings") or allowed ("curses") by God and He, as an author, wants to know what we think about it!

      He doesn't want just a little, "Dear God, thanks for everything, Amen" either.

      He wants a, "Dear God, You amaze me every day. I really enjoyed that sunset on the drive home today. The way the pinks and oranges blend together always makes me stand in awe of You and Your wonderful work. Thank you for my friends and family, they may be a pain sometimes, but boy do I love them! Jacob made me laugh so hard the other day, thank you for giving him such a good sense of humor, I really needed a break from all the stress lately. There is the whole deal at school, you know where Suzy told Donald that Missy said that I shaved Rachel's head after we had a fight. Which isn't even true! Rachel and I are friends. I did shave her head, but only because she asked me to. She did it for cancer research. I'm not exactly sure how shaving your head will help people find a cure for cancer, but she did it and I couldn't be more proud of her. Then, there is the whole deal at home... you know the one I told you about yesterday. It seems as if a dark rain cloud is hovering over my house, and I don't know if things will ever lighten up. Scratch that, I know things will lighten up because I trust you, but, right now, it is really hard to keep going. Please help me through this, Father, and help Suzy and Donald and Missy, they don't know you. Help me shine your light out to them so that they might find you. Please bless Jacob and Rachel, they have been there for me for quite a while now and I am truly grateful that you have placed them in my life. Amen."  <------That is the kind of prayer God wants from us!

So, if I haven't gotten my point across yet, here is a summary:

  • Authors put there hearts into their work, and they want to know what their readers think.
  • I am an author, so I pour my heart into my writing and I'd like to know what you think about it.
  • God is an author; he as been putting his heart into everything since the beginning of time, and he would really love it if we would tell him what we think about his book, All of Life.

Thanks for reading.
Don't forget to leave comments.  ;) <wink, wink>

The End

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