Comme un Fou

Soft Jazz song

Comme un Fou


There is no space between us

Though were miles apart

I lit a candle for the times to come

Watched it illuminate everything

Fell asleep with my hope burning bright



No matter where you go

I will always be your fool

Your reflection sits so nicely next to mine

Your voice flows so sweetly from room to room

It is inevitable you know

We are shadows and we are light

Twisting and turning but never overtaking

Oh yes I will always be your fool!


After a thousand declarations

Let certainty coil and unfurl

We will create Eden where ever we lie

Taste the forbidden fruits more than we should

But here there is no sin

My hands are yours to command

To caress

Belonging solely to us




After all the decadence has past…

Tell me how it is in your world

Do you taste my kiss long after I have gone?

Is there romance in my humanity?

Need is a cut

It burns beautifully

Mend it with your naked eyes



The End

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