Coming Back

"What? No!.....Please don't tell me it's stuck! What will we do now? Will it start?"

Its 3am Monday morning, am back in Mumbai. Monsoon rain greets me once I land and am happy cause I love rains but my happiness is short lived.

My City? Don't know yet, if it's my city or not or if I have any city I can call mine. After the way I have lived in various cities for different parts of my life any city feels like home...But am here, back after a long long time and while on my way back from airport the cab broke down.

"Madam don't worry we will find you another cab" though the driver tries to be polite am not sure if he is lying to save himself my angry glares or he is too optimistic. Dude you won't find anything in Thane at 3am in this rain!
Finally he manages to see through the rain and spots a cab few meters in front of us. He tells me he will check if driver is in there and work out something.

Here are my options: I am not sure if being in the cab alone at this time is safe or being in the cab alone at this time with the cab driver is safe or if there is a cab driver in the other cab and he comes to our cab then being with two cab drivers at this time is safe. Now if I was in some other city like Delhi I might have started calling my friends and family to be online on phone, just in case something happens, call gets disconnected, they can call the cops. But this is Mumbai and much safer a place than Delhi. However after living in various cities I have known one thing...all over the world, you can't trust strangers.

So given all the options I finally sit and wait to see what’s the next step and prepare myself by removing my heels and wearing my walkers...just in case.

My cabby finally comes back to our cab with the other cabby. The other cabby gets in the cab and tries to start the car and my cabby tries to check the engine. They ignore me and I ignore them. Perfect! I like that, this means all safe.

After few minutes of struggle they manage to start the cab and am happy. Finally I will be home! It's a tiring, long flight from US to Mumbai and am dying to be home. But I still wait and my cab driver doesn't come back to the cab. He had gone to say bye and thanks to the other guy, I guessed.
My guess was completely wrong, I found out shortly. After few minutes are gone and he still isn't back, I try recording everything on my phone. (Oh, I didn't tell you I love capturing things on camera, still or live anything) Sometimes, when am alone, it makes me feel secure that if something happens people can check my phone and know what and who and when. At least someone won't get away by harming me!! am not a pessimist or crazy but am extra imaginative...blame it on the film maker!!!

"Bhaiya kab chalengey aap (when will you move brother)!" I shout from the cab window. He comes back running to tell me that it's going to take some time.
"But why, the cab is's working now, let's go"
"Madam that cab guy who helped me start my cab. He has a problem with his cab and I have to help him start his"
wow! that's all I options??? Just shut up and wait, I can't be mean to two guys at this point in time and anyways they are doing what they should. So after a wait of an hour we finally move and I reach my home.

The doorway is jammed with unattended mails and newspapers and the house has a smell of being closed for long. So I open up all windows and pick up the mail and stuff them somewhere where I will read them over the next few days. These would be mostly sales stuff or bills and confirmations.

After I throw my bags in and shut the door I realize suddenly that am hungry, I know it's 4:30am but my body is still in different time zones and am not sure which time zone's meal time it is and which meal of the day time?
I look around in the refrigerator...nothing! Just water and chocolates. I can't even order food at this time...But am ok to get a cup of tea. So I find out I have everything to make tea and am sooooooooooooooooooo glad!!! It's a blessing to have a nice cuppa and then I send messages across to friends and family to let them know I have reached. Since it's too early I don't want to wake them and anyways from different city as mine they can't do much at this hour.
So, am here...back to my apartment...beautiful start of the day outside...sun rise in few minutes and hot cup of tea in my hands and my laptop and net working :) I switch on the music, make some snack from whatever is there and wait for Mumbai to wake up. I don't want to sleep now before the house is cleaned. Hope I get someone to clean the house and my cook is back tomorrow...Tomorrow will be another day

The End

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