Comfort and Joy

A love song

1.   The tingles are what told me

Instead of the rush of fire

I felt the warmth of sunshine

And my heart , waves a white flag instead of a red one

Because there's none of that clinging

or the sense of  borrowed time, borrowed hearts


Comfort and joy

With love and sex

I didn't think It could ever be like home

Want wrecks it all

Always wanting what you don't have

what someone else has

Don't forget what you need

2. I'm happy

Nirvana happy

Child like happy

There needs no reason

No anticipation

Because there is nothing to wait for

Only moments to seize


3. I don't get hung up on forever

Not anymore

Our only enemy is time

Our time is our own

To do with what we will

Lets only promise to use it well


The End

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