Come to Life (w Slam Poetry)Mature

Hey, who wants to join the jamming session here on Protagonize? All of the posts here are meant to be performed live (so I cannot really format it in anyway, just try to find your own rhythm and beat; it all flows together rather fast), but until we can direct you to events or video postings of said performances, here are the lyrics/verses/free-flow-writings!
Feel free to join in at any time! I have just started slam poetry, and have found it very freeing.

today they say not a word for your soul,

but to swerve your momentary mood with a crude stunt to delude,

no free lunch they slap your hand,

then spoon feed you the mighty plan,

here's your food for thought,

to gag you with the junk you bought,

processed and boasted,

beneath the package,

fantastic like magic only plastic,

drastic they stick us with this dismal significance of ignorance--

but they know--

yet to realize, so realign the values that tell you to analyze

a fellow as a foe,

a customer of the ranks in a conspiracy that stank with the corruption of the banks,

and you're the crash test,

without the mattress,

sayin' "your heart ain't worth it, look where the curse is, without your money you're worthless",

but that ain't so, we know there's more than this desultory flow,

we know we're all one and there’s much to be done,

yet we still hold on, squeeze the moment, until we don't know it,

--it's gone,

so slow down, see the lies, like lines tied across your eyes,

realize you've got free will,

a lot of life without a bill,

so be free from frills, no need to kill, no reason to bleed, just be you in time and chill!--

--fill a cup to overflowing, now what's the question,

half-hearted or testing,

hesitation is wasting your brilliance from embracing,

you're chasing a tale that tells of a world less imprisoned,

like a fish freed from its bowl, it flops across a table top—

with this liberty you choose flip-flops over starving tots,

cause you think you're something fighting nothing,

grasping at the surface as if this sweet water is meant to be purchased,

and what have you got to lose,

everything's yet to be found,

why not dig underground,

'stead of treadin' upwards take a look around,

read a book and you'll see we mistook you,

your life is worth the work,

if not to be real you'll make a deal and steal that which was yours,

stop breakin' down doors when stores only bring you bling that stings,

and yours is a beauty that shines within,

a sweet beginning without a stain...

make it rain you say to cover the broken past that passed too fast until you're croakin' and there's nothin' left to be taken

because its buried in the landfill with the rot you thought you forgot

and you're hurried to the hospital for the shot that takes the nerve,

and softens the smack when you hit the frosted ground...

...lost but not found...

so you pound on the door to be let out,

you can't stand to be shut out,

stuck in what, you bend the bars and break the bench you wait upon

--to be called upon,

but listen, you don't wanna be a pawn,

so make your escape, love is never too late,

look from above, see your mistake, and make a move,

cause you too are new to this world like everyone who ever spoke with authority,

like the minority,

like the celebrity who doesn't know which way is up cause their head is in the clouds, a make-believe achievement in conceiving a living without needing while their hearts are receding,

so be real and feel the life that's right and fight with heart the struggles you start and become the art you live bending into the wind that enlivens your rising passion,

spare me a ration of your reason that pleas for a tease to release the easy life that goes only half the way to yesterday,

while you're told you're stable and secure, you're safe and locked away in a cage

--never to be touched by the rain, and the stones tossed ashore by the shifting waves

of an ocean more wise than you'll ever be,

so listen when I say that you are made from love,

and next time someone steps on you from above,

show them the love that you're made of,

show them the forest floor full of life that takes flight when the human knife slices with the crises of a petty race,

and sets you out of place,

reach back to that natural way and lose your meaningless pay for the day that the sun gives you a ray to hold in your heart,

pain can be sharp

but the lesson is not to wrestle with nothing but to live with a purpose worth the work of every task to the very last of your breaths of this fresh air,

so come to life.

The End

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