Collegiate Alteration

Currently, I'm a freshmen at a university with a science major, but that's not important.  Has anybody noticed how much college changes you, I mean really changes you?  

Right now I'm sitting on a poorly cleaned, tile floor, and, quite frankly, I don't give a damn that it's not clean.  The ancient white color is washed away in scuff marks and dirt that were sealed in by wax.  

Some days the food here is top notch y'all, but that is about as frequent as a female with a sonic screwdriver.  I'm content eating undercooked, pasteurized eggs, pancakes as hard as stone, and "fried" vegetables sitting in a pool of butter.

I have morning classes, some at eight in the morning, and it is a struggle to wake up.  My alarm gets pushed back up until ten minutes prior to class.  Quickly I throw on clothes, toss some Listerine in my mouth, scoop up my backpack, and power walk to class.

Before college, I was not like this in any way, shape, or form.  I would never sit in, on, or near a somewhat cleaned floor, nor would I consume food that a rat would ignore.  Up until now, I would get up more than an hour before school to get ready for the day: shower, dental hygiene, the works.

College has truly changed me; hopefully, it's temporary.

The End

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