in apathetical, decaying orbitMature

We're here today, but gone tomorrow, free me from this bitter sorrow.

In all the battles in my mind, when no one cares, you'll know it's time.

The key to this was sweet release, and knowing that, i rest in peace.

A friend like you, a friend like me, we spend our lives in apathy.

An "accident", a silent moment, an angel smiles, it's my atonement.

A murder here, a car crash there, there's blood and guts splashed everywhere.

I know not where, the fuck i'll be, just get this place away from me.

When watching others live their lives, outside T.V., i sympathize.

We used to try, and used to care, now we just drink and sit and stare.

The batting eyelash of an eye, the truth of this, will never die.

The ugly, cracked and warped intent, of all the past lay broke and spent.

I'll write this down, and pass it on, so someone new can carry on.

I just report the truth i see, because all else is fantasy.


The End

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