Freak ShowMature

I was different, my mind was uninfected, my thoughts were my own,

You had a mind that was bored, but sick and yearning amusement,

I was the Freak Show,

A Nobody, a Loner,

Who could serve as a new toy,

Rapidly becoming a possession,

We were frozen, emotionless as statues,

You were the reciever of the prayers,

That I sent as a stone worshipper,

You shaped my heart and soul in your form,

Bleeding impressions embedded on their bruised surfaces,

Layers of misery, despondance underneath it all,

I just froze to a state of unresponsive un-lust,

Another obscene creature in this freak show,

Who was slowly dragged into conformity,

And eventually had to be put down.

The End

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